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  • Potion Vape - Berry Basket e-Juice
    Berry Basket

    You may not put all your eggs in one basket, but you’ll definitely want all your berries in one basket.  P...

    $19.95 Choose Options
  • Big Willie's - Custard e-juice bottle
    Big Willie's Custard

    Big Willie’s take on vanilla custard.  It’s a rich, creamy custard, blended with vanilla and butters...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Alloy Blends - Blonde e-liquid bottle

    Creamy, clean, rich, and smooth, Blonde from Alloy Blends’ Electrum line is the perfect, deliciously accurate, ...

    $24.95 Choose Options
  • Mad Alchemist - Chem Trail e-Juice
    Chem Trail

    The sky is soaked and steeped in gas,But don’t upset the poisoned mass.Before their eyes in plain sight hidThe ...

    $19.99 Choose Options
  • Potion Vape - Coco-Roons e-liquid

    Macaroon lovers rejoice!  Potion Vape managed to somehow create a spot-on e-liquid version with Coco-Roons, a cr...

    $19.95 Choose Options
  • Potion Vape - Coffee Addict e-Liquid
    Coffee Addict

    It may not replace the caffeine, but you’ll have a hard time finding a more accurately flavored coffee e-liquid...

    $19.95 Out of stock
  • Simply E-Juice - Contagious Cafe ejuice bottle
    Contagious Cafe

    Based on the most famous traditional dessert of Northern Italy, Tiramisu, Contagious Cafe blends a pinch of rich coco...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Copious Crunch ejuice bottle
    Copious Crunch

    The ultimate fruity breakfast cereal blend, Copious Crunch from Simply E-juice will remind you of the old days of Sat...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Neckbeard's Juice - Custard Spice Bottle e-Juice
    Custard Spice

    Rich and creamy vanilla custard, blended subtly with spices that come through on the exhale.  A very unique and ...

    $20.00 Choose Options
  • Teleos - Dusk e-Juice

    Teleos knew they wanted to create an ice cream flavor.  After months of experimentation, they realized that flav...

    $22.00 Choose Options
  • Teleos - Eight Bells e-Juice
    Eight Bells

    Sometimes e-liquids produce not only a delicious flavor, but also a pleasant aroma.  This is the case with Eight...

    $22.00 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Envious Elvis ejuice bottle
    Envious Elvis

    So delicious it will make your lip curl, Envious Elvis is, you guessed it, a blend of smooth, creamy peanut butter an...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Alloy Blends - Fracture ejuice bottle

    Forget everything you know about peanut butter vapes.  Fracture blows them away with its creamy, true to life pe...

    $24.95 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Glorious Grape ejuice bottle
    Glorious Grape

    Grape candy you’ll remember from your youth, blended with a secret mix of other treats, culminate in a surprisi...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Potion Vape - Greenish Apple e-Liquid
    Greenish Apple

    Tart, a bit sour, juicy and bit sweet just like a fresh green apple, you’ll swear you just bit into one.  ...

    $19.95 Choose Options
  • Big Willie's - Hawaiian Cookie e-liquid bottle
    Hawaiian Cookie

    Hawaiian Cookie is a labor of love from Big Willie's wife. Mrs. Willie wanted to create something all her own that wa...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Potion Vape - Jasminade e-Juice

    An all-time Potion favorite e-juice, Jasminade combines a jasmine base with vanilla and a touch of lemon.  Uniqu...

    $19.95 Choose Options
  • Simply E-Juice - Luscious Lemonade ejuice bottle
    Luscious Lemonade

    Sharp, tangy lemons blend with ripe strawberries and the perfect amount of sweetness in this ultra-refreshing lemonad...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Potion Vape - Mint Groove e-Liquid
    Mint Groove

    Certainly not your typical menthol e-juice, Mint Groove blends cool menthol with refreshing hints of mint leaves to c...

    $19.95 Choose Options
  • Brother's Reserve - Mona 24/7 e-liquid bottle
    Mona 24/7

    Nothing is more satisfying after a long day of yard work in the hot summer sun than everyone’s favorite classic...

    $18.00 Choose Options