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Northern Lights



Based in Alaska, as their name suggests, by husband and wife team Brian and Tessa, Northern Lights Vapor Company was founded in September of 2013.  

Shortly after they both switched from smoking to vaping, Brian and Tessa began dabbling with DIY mixing due to the lack of quality flavors available locally in Alaska.  By the summer of 2013 they had already received amazing feedback from locals, and it didn’t take long before word spread to the lower 48 states about their incredible, reasonably priced e-liquids.  Northern Lights Vapor Company was born shortly thereafter, inspired by their love of Alaska, and their desire to bring BIG flavor to a local market saturated with mild/mellow flavors that just didn’t satisfy.

After a few months of creating single-flavor liquids, Brian and Tessa began experimenting with more complex, robust flavor blends and in January of 2014, their most popular flavor, $100 Apple Pie earned its name after a single bottle was purchased on a well-known vape auction site for $100.  Buzz started immediately, and from that point on Brian and Tessa have barely been able to keep up with the demand for not only $100 Apple Pie, but all their delicious flavors.

Each and every bottle of Northern Lights Vapor Company’s e-juice is hand-crafted in very small batches in an igloo-based lab, to ensure that every bottle is perfect, bringing a little taste of Alaskan love to anyone who vapes it.


  • Northern Lights - $100 Apple Pie e-Juice bottle
    $100 Apple Pie

    Northern Lights Vapor Co’s most popular flavor, $100 Apple Pie will remind you of a fresh baked, homemade apple...

    $23.99 Out of stock
  • Northern Lights - Mango Bliss e-Juice bottle
    Mango Bliss

    Mango Bliss, the newest creation from Northern Lights Vapor Co, is a tropical flavor explosion of epic proportions. &...

    $23.99 Choose Options
  • Northern Lights - Oculus e-Juice bottle

    Oculus blends a touch of mixed citrus with fruity cereal, and a splash of secret awesome sauce, to create a cereal va...

    $23.99 Choose Options
  • Northern Lights - Vanillawesome e-Juice bottle

    One scoop Vanilla, one scoop awesome.  Voila!  It’s Vanilla….but awesomer.   Primary Fl...

    $23.99 Out of stock