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Nick's Blissful Brews



Founded by Nick Gollust in sunny SoCal, Nick’s Blissful Brews came about when its founder grew bored with all the e-juices available on the market.  The fruit blends began to all taste the same, the tobacco blends all tasted the same, and the bakery vapes were getting stale.  Nick decided to start creating his own e-liquid blends with a focus on unique, never before seen flavors.

After the extreme success of his first unique blend, originally crafted for his girlfriend, Nick started Nick’s Blissful Brews in 2013.  

Made with only the finest quality ingredients available, Nick’s Blissful Brews will offer you a unique vaping experience like no other.

  • Nick's Blissful Brews - FroYo! e-Juice

    Tangy, creamy, smooth yogurt blends with plump, juicy blueberries, and freshly sliced peaches to create FroYo!, a thr...

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  • Nick's Blissful Brews - Loop Ninja e-Juice
    Loop Ninja

    You’ll swear you just ate a mouthful of your favorite fruity cereal, milk and all, after one puff of Loop Ninja...

    $22.00 Choose Options
  • Nicks Blissful Brews - Smoked Custard e-Juice
    Smoked Custard

    Forget everything you know about vanilla custard e-liquid flavors.  Smoked custard is like nothing else you&rsqu...

    $22.00 Choose Options
  • Nick's Blissful Brews - Smoked Custard + e-Juice
    Smoked Custard +

    Nick’s Blissful Brews has developed quite a fan base for their original Smoked Custard flavor, but because of t...

    $22.00 Out of stock
  • Nick's Blissful Brews - Swag e-Liquid

    A luscious, rich blend of creamy vanilla custard and decadent white chocolate, blended with a hint of hazelnut to cre...

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