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Next Level



Based out of Raleigh, NC, Shawn Thompson started Next Level Vapors, the brand behind Jolly Rogers, Rebel Dynasty, and Vape Anatomy, in early 2013 after months of DIY experience.  Inspired by his culinary background, Shawn decided to bring his refined palate, love of cooking, and flavor expertise to the e-liquid game with Next Level.  Rather than open a restaurant, Shawn shares his flavors and creations with the public via e-juice.

His Jolly Rogers line brings a new concept to the e-juice world.  Not only is the line comprised of flavors that are delicious in their own right, but the flavors are actually designed to be blended together.  Mixing any of the flavored custards with one another yields a new, mouth-watering concoction.  You can even mix all 3 of the flavored custards to create a banana split flavor!

The Vape Anatomy line is a collaboration between Shawn and his wife Tiffany, a nurse of many years who quit her job to help with Next Level.  She missed helping people and saving lives, so she decided to do just that by offering her own alternative to smoking through Vape Anatomy, a line whose flavors took an entire year to develop, which focuses on fruity, high VG blends designed for vaping enthusiasts.

All Next Level e-liquids are lab made, by Shawn himself (and his wife!), and crafted with the highest quality, USA-sourced ingredients available on the market.  Enjoy!


  • Next Level - Captain’s Custard e-Juice bottle
    Captain’s Custard

    Sweet, smooth, creamy and delicious, Captain’s Custard combines a traditional vanilla custard with hints and no...

    $19.99 Choose Options
  • Next Level - Chocolate Custard e-Liquid bottle
    Chocolate Custard

    Chocolate Custard takes Jolly Rogers Captain’s Custard and blends it with a balanced mix of the highest quality...

    $19.99 Choose Options
  • Next Level - Grenada e-Juice bottle

    Grenada blends a sweet, juicy, tropical mix of mango, orange, and kiwi, then adds an ample helping of anise to create...

    $19.99 Choose Options
  • Next Level - Just the Batter eliquid bottle
    Just the Batter

    Sweet, creamy, decadent strawberry cake batter that will remind you of licking the spoon.   Primary Flavors: &...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Next Level - Strawberry Custard e-Juice bottle
    Strawberry Custard

    Strawberry Custard takes Jolly Rogers Captain’s Custard and blends it with vine-ripened, semi-sweet strawberrie...

    $19.99 Choose Options