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Moo Eliquids


Moo Eliquids is a premium liquid collection manufactured by Kilo Eliquids. The collection contains five flavors: Strawberry Milk, Banana Milk, Vanilla Almond Milk, Neapolitan and Blueberry Milk. Enjoy the smooth, rich creamy taste of your fresh milk with a gentle softness that's bold and supple with every inhale and exhale.


  • Moo Eliquids - Banana Milk ejuice bottle
    Banana Milk

    Velvety-sweet milk and sliced, golden bananas in a harmonious blend.   Primary Flavors:  Banana, Milk, Cr...

    $23.99 Choose Options
  • Moo Eliquids - Blueberry Milk ejuice bottle
    Blueberry Milk

    Fresh, handpicked blueberries in rich, creamy, cold milk.     Primary Flavors:  Blueberry, Milk, Cre...

    $23.99 Choose Options
  • Moo Eliquids - Neapolitan ejuice bottle

    An exquisite blend of creamy vanilla, strawberry and milk chocolate ice cream.   Primary Flavors:  Vanil...

    $23.99 Choose Options
  • Moo Eliquids - Strawberry Milk by Moo ejuice bottle
    Strawberry Milk by Moo

    A rich, smooth, and creamy blend of red, luscious strawberries dunked in cold, creamy milk, then whipped to perfectio...

    $23.99 Choose Options
  • Moo Eliquids - Vanilla Almond Milk ejuice bottle
    Vanilla Almond Milk

    Creamy, smooth, rich crushed almonds blended in cold, creamy milk with a touch of vanilla.   Primary Flavors: ...

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