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Missing Link

Missing Link


Oregon-based Missing Link, creators of Dunkd e-liquid, is a labor of love from a team of e-liquid mixing veterans responsible for creating a number of other successful e-liquid brands.  

Dunkd was created in response to industry trends toward larger bottles, in an effort to save customers money with a lower cost per milliliter.  Between its fantastic price point, and amazing flavor profile, we know you'll be turning your tank into a Dunkd Tank soon.


  • Missing Link - Alloy's Fruit Blend ejuice bottle with box packaging
    Alloy's Fruit Blend

    Alloy’s signature mixed fruit blend will tantalize your tastebuds with sweet tangerine, zesty lemon, tart raspb...

    $24.95 Choose Options
  • Missing Link - Dunkd Peanut Butter ejuice bottle with box
    Dunkd Peanut Butter

    Dunkd Peanut Butter Cookie Milk starts with Dunkd’s original vanilla cookie milkshake and mixing things up by a...

    $24.95 Choose Options
  • Missing Link - Dunkd Strawberry ejuice bottle with box
    Dunkd Strawberry

    Based on original Vanilla Cookie Milk, with a fresh strawberry thrown on top for good measure. Creamy strawberry comb...

    $24.95 Choose Options
  • Missing Link - Dunkd Vanilla ejuice bottle with box
    Dunkd Vanilla

    Vanilla Cookie Milkshake Recipe: Ingredients needed:  Box of your favorite vanilla cookies, vanilla ice cream, ...

    $24.95 Choose Options
  • Missing Link - Spearmist ejuice bottle

    A fresh, vivid spearmint blended with a hint of cream to smooth it out and a burst of cooling menthol. Stay chill all...

    $24.95 Choose Options