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Mad Alchemist



Mad Alchemist may have been founded by the perfect couple, with the perfect backgrounds for e-juice craft. Nicole Pennington, a Registered Nurse and Certified Lab Tech, with a minor in Chemistry, alongside Joshua Pennington, with his Culinary Arts training (specializing in “flavor fusion”), combine to make the dynamic duo of e-liquid. 

The couple started vaping 3 years ago, and quickly found themselves slaves to the juice available at their local vape store, which was the only shop in a 100 mile radius.  It didn’t take long before they realized, especially with their combined backgrounds, that they could do better.  Nicole’s chemistry background, combined with Josh’s finely-tuned palette, plus many months of research and development lead to the creation of Mad Alchemist.

As is the case with many e-juice makers, they began by making e-liquids for their friends, and they were absolutely blown away by the quality of the concoctions.  After many more months of testing and development, they developed their original 7 flavors, and launched in July of 2013.  The demand was instant, and they soon found themselves overwhelmed and hiring staff.

Their creative flavors, fantastic names, and beautiful packaging were inspired by both the lack of accessible, quality e-juice in their area, and their love for all things geeky.  Both Josh and Nicole are avid gamers, with a love for all things fantasy.  Stepping into their lab is like stepping into a fantasy realm of witches and warlocks, brewing magical potions that will aid you in your dragon slaying endeavors.

All of Mad Alchemist’s e-juices are 100% USA made and/or naturally extracted in their lab, using secret techniques that involve NO ALCOHOL.  All of their PG and VG is lab grade and certified Kosher, and their nicotine is 100% organic and lab grade.  Even their glass bottles and labels are USA sourced.

  • Mad Alchemist - Chem Trail e-Juice bottle
    Chem Trail

    The sky is soaked and steeped in gas, But don’t upset the poisoned mass. Before their eyes in plain sight hid...

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  • Mad Alchemist - Custard Matter e-Liquid bottle
    Custard Matter

    Belinda lived in a little white house, with a little black kitten and a little gray mouse And a little yellow dog a...

    $24.99 Out of stock
  • Mad Alchemist - Fairy Dust Elixir e-Juice bottle
    Fairy Dust Elixir

    A touch, just a touch, not too little, not too much To sparkle your imagination, to open your eyes to the occasion ...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Mad Alchemist - Mother of Dragons e-Juice bottle
    Mother of Dragons

    Now they say our time is over, now they say we’ve lived our last, Now we’re treated with derision, where...

    $24.99 Out of stock
  • Mad Alchemist - Snow White’s Demise e-Juice bottle
    Snow White’s Demise

    White is her skin; not hint of sun Black is her hair; that’s coming undone Green is her eyes; brighter than s...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Mad Alchemist - Winter's Bite e-Juice bottle
    Winter's Bite

    Snowflakes spill from heaven’s hand Lovely and chaste like smooth white sand A veil of wonder laced in light ...

    $24.99 Out of stock