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Lovecraft Solo Reserve


The Lovecraft Solo Reserve line was created by Jake Larntz and Lukas Lowery-Ross in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and inspired by the duo’s favorite flavor experiences. Longtime vapers and e-liquid makers, Jake and Lukas painstakingly developed the Lovecraft line to not only satisfy their own tastes, but to provide a little something for everyone - from their savory, nostalgic chocolate chip cookie blend to their utterly unique strawberry kettle corn flavor, there’s an eliquid for any vaper in this lineup.

  • Lovecraft Solo Reserve - Grasshopper ejuice bottle

    This cocktail-inspired eliquid is an ultra-rich blend of white chocolate and Creme de menthe; a white chocolate mint ...

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  • Lovecraft Solo Reserve - Kettle Berry ejuice bottle
    Kettle Berry

    Kettle corn is a delicious balance of sweet and salty, and Kettle Berry takes that unique flavor and turns it into an...

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  • Lovecraft Solo Reserve - Pesca ejuice bottle

    If you’ve never had an Italian cream soda, you’re missing out on something special. Don’t worry, th...

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  • Lovecraft Solo Reserve - Pucker ejuice bottle

    This insanely delicious vape is a Lovecraft legend. Take your favorite sweet and sour lemon hard candy, and add just ...

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  • Lovecraft Solo Reserve - The Closer ejuice bottle
    The Closer

    A true-to-taste chocolate chip cookie, fresh and soft from the oven, captured in e-liquid form.   Primary Fla...

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