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King's Crown



From the same mixologists that brought you the popular Suicide Bunny line of e-liquids, comes King’s Crown, a truly dignified, unique line of flavors, most worthy of the name they proudly bear.  Each elixir, as expertly crafted as the jewels in a noble’s diadem, shines with its own unique brilliance, and each is kingly in its own right.

Born of royal bloodlines, loyalty, and valor, the King’s Crown beckons.  If you truly believe you are worthy, accept your fate, place the crown upon your head, and claim your throne.


  • King's Crown - Bound by the Crown ejuice bottle
    Bound by the Crown

    Whether it be duty or vice, we are all bound by that which weighs heavily upon our choices.  Accept your lot. &n...

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  • King's Crown - Claim Your Throne ejuice bottle
    Claim Your Throne

    Impossible?  Nay.  Nothing is impossible.  You may not have blood-right, but you have ambition, and th...

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  • King's Crown - Fight Your Fate ejuice bottle
    Fight Your Fate

    The Fates spin and weave the threads of life, granting some the gift of birthright, and others a life of pauperdom. &...

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  • King's Crown - The King ejuice bottle
    The King

    Bold and powerful, yet sophisticated and compassionate, The King is the embodiment of what we all want our ruler to b...

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