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Kegger Vaporcraft Brewery



Kegger Vaporcraft Brewery was born in Houston, Texas by co-founders Victor Shin and Nhat Lam. Previously, Victor was a professional designer of chic urban sleepwear for pet sloths while Nhat pursued an acting career. However, the vast, once lucrative sloth clothing industry crashed and around that same time, Nhat had come to the harsh realization that he couldn’t act.

It was then, on one fateful evening in 2015, that they happened to meet at a Kegger party thrown by a mutual friend. They discovered they both had a passion for vaping as both had been chain-smokers due to their rigorous and stressful ex-careers. Both agreed that they wanted to create an E-Liquid company that would put Houston, TX, a place they were proud to call home on the map. Also, they wanted to create liquids that refrained from using artificial sweeteners, and their passion for fruit flavor profiles culminated into what Kegger is today.  

Why the name Kegger?  No matter your age, sex, or nationality, everyone remembers their first Kegger party; the excitement and adrenaline pumping through your veins while surrounded by life-long friends. We welcome you to experience the fruitions of our journey.


  • Kegger Vaporcraft Brewery - Seven One Three eliquid bottle
    Seven One Three

    Vine-grown New England Concord Grapes freshly harvested and infused with Golden Orange Apricots and a hint of Tropica...

    $19.99 Choose Options
  • Kegger Vaporcraft Brewery - Six One Six eliquid bottle
    Six One Six

    Bright Green Kiwi Fruit delicately mixed with perfectly ripened California Strawberries, Cranberries and Raspberries ...

    $19.99 Choose Options