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Jam Cake



From the New England-based makers of Drip Vault comes Jam Cake, a new 50ml line inspired by the famous dessert from the World War II era, and created with a lower cost point per milliliter for their customers.

Jam Cake, for those who are not familiar, is a dessert created during World War II that uses jam as a sweetener rather than sugar, as sugar was in short supply during the war.  Much like its inspiration, Jam Cake e-liquid is much heavier on the jam, and lighter on the cake, resulting in a flavor profile that’s appealing to both fruit and dessert vapers alike.


  • Jam Cake - Jam Cake ejuice bottle
    Jam Cake

    Delicious yellow cake filled with alternating layers of strawberry and blueberry jam.   Primary Flavors:  ...

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