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For some, vaping starts as a way to quit smoking due to fear of future health problems, but for Infamous founder Jimmy Dargocey, it hit much closer to home with much more urgent repercussions when his wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in July of 2012.

Jimmy tried every method of quitting immediately including disposable e-cigs, then discovered more advanced vaping and was able to quit shortly after.  He hasn’t looked back since, and his wife is now cancer-free.

Shortly after his stressful debacle with quitting, and his wife’s cancer recovery, Jimmy decided to start dabbling with DIY, for his own personal use.  After many excruciating hours of R&D and failed attempts, he developed what would one day become his first two flavors, O.G. and Original Sin.  Soon after, what started as a hobby, quickly exploded when his friends and family pushed him to bring his flavors to the rest of the world.  To say Infamous e-juice was met with rave reviews would be the understatement of the century.

Inspired by his family, love for the vaping community that has embraced him, and his own personal taste in e-juice flavors, Jimmy has continued to develop delicious, complex, high quality flavors, all of which have been extremely well received from his customers, and Giant Vapes is very excited to bring Infamous to the rest of the world.


  • Infamous - Coventry e-Liquid bottle

    Influenced by the artistic creativity of Cleveland’s Coventry Village, Coventry is a unique, inspired take on t...

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  • Infamous - East Coast V.C. e-Liquid bottle
    East Coast V.C.

    This perfectly balanced blend of vanilla, custard, and cream is perfect with a morning coffee, or even as an all day ...

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  • The Fallen by Infamous - Grace ejuice bottle

    A perfect, sweet, gooey, e-liquid representation of the classic Bear Claw dessert pastry.   Primary Flavors: &...

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  • Infamous - Mayfield e-Liquid bottle

    Let’s face it.  Chocolate e-liquids are terrifying.  Most of them taste like… something not ap...

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  • The Fallen by Infamous - Mercy ejuice bottle

    Creamy, tangy, raspberry-y ice cream, full of lip-smacking goodness.   Primary Flavors:  Raspberry Ice Cr...

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  • Infamous - Tough Cookie ejuice bottle
    Tough Cookie

    The only thing girl scout about this cookie is that it proudly wears the merit badge for “awesome”, with ...

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  • Infamous - Trill e-Liquid bottle

    In Southern Hip Hop, Trill is a name that means something is Real and True.  Infamous’ Trill is just that....

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  • The Fallen by Infamous - Trinity ejuice bottle

    Sweet citrus notes blend with mixed fruits and smooth sherbet in this perfectly balanced dessert treat.   Prim...

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  • The Fallen by Infamous - Virtue ejuice bottle

    Sweet PB&J goodness.  Virtue is a mouthwatering swirl of sweet strawberry jelly and creamy, smooth peanut bu...

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  • Infamous - West Coast Chino e-Juice bottle
    West Coast Chino

    It starts with a little East Coast V.C., then adds a blast of West Coast blueberry, creating a winning trifecta of va...

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