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GV2 - The GV All-Stars



Customers of Giant Vapes have been asking why we’ve never done a Giant Vapes-branded e-liquid line for years.  With the changes to the vape industry announced in May of 2016, we felt it was finally time to pull the trigger and joined forces with our old friends at G2 Vapor to collaborate on a GV/G2 co-branded e-liquid line:  GV2 - The GV All-Stars

Giant Vapes wanted to honor some of our hard-working, behind-the-scenes, All-star employees with our GV branded line, so we held a contest at our headquarters.  Each Giant Vapes team member came up with a flavor idea that they felt either had never been created before, or had never been done well.  Once the list was compiled, the entire staff voted for their favorite flavor from the submissions.  

The three flavor profiles receiving the most votes were developed with the help of G2 Vapor, with each unique flavor named after the Giant Vapes All-Star that came up with the flavor concept.


  • GV2 - The GV All-Stars - Alexa ejuice bottle

    Inspired by Alexa, one of the Giant Vapes All-Stars, this e-liquid flavor blends a crisp, refreshing lemonade with sw...

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  • GV2 - The GV All-Stars - Laude ejuice bottle

    Inspired by Laude, one of the Giant Vapes All-Stars, Coffee Milk is a Rhode Island tradition that was originally crea...

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  • GV2 - The GV All-Stars - Lindsay ejuice bottle

    Inspired by Lindsay, one of the Giant Vapes All-Stars, this refreshing e-juice is a traditional, sweet margarita, but...

    $24.99 Out of stock