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Giant Vapes HexOhm V2

Now you can show everyone you’re part of the Giant Vapes Family with a Giant Vapes HexOhm!  The Giant Vapes HexOhm is a HexOhm V2 brandishing the power of the 110 watt OKL-T20 board, which supports a voltage range of 3.3v to 6.0v, adjustable via a small dial on the side of the unit.  Just adjust the dial until you find your perfect vape temperature!


Available in both standard matte black and brushed finishes, the Giant Vapes HexOhm V2 can handle up to 20 amps at up to 110 watts, and includes the newest HexOhm 510 design with its spring-loaded 510 connection.  In addition to being a vaping powerhouse, the HexOhm features exceptional battery life, with it’s dual 18650 design.  All Giant Vapes Hex Ohms feature a black button.


Batteries Used:  2 x 18650 (batteries not included)



- Aluminum Body

- Magnetic Door

- Spring-loaded 510 Connection

- 3.3-6.0v Variable Voltage

- 20 Amp Max Output

- 110 Watt Max Output



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