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G2 Vapor



The launch of G2 Vapor was far from premeditated.  For G2’s founder, Clint Legg, it happened out of necessity.  Lost in the endless search for quality e-liquids, he started to “DIY” for personal use.

Months of studying, testing, mixing, trials, and errors resulted in the creation of 2 flavors:  G2 and caRnY4. Excited to finally have juice that was better than the hundreds of e-liquids he had tried before, Clint sent some samples out to his close friends.  Almost immediately the demand exploded, with his friends loving the juice, telling their friends, and creating a domino effect of demand.

Since then, G2 has grown from its humble beginnings into a company with a great selection of delicious e-liquids, made from the highest quality ingredients available, and blended to perfection.  Every flavor goes through rigorous trial and error to bring it to its fullest potential.  Every juice is complex and multilayered, yet still enjoyable to the full range of vapers from novice to veteran.

Every flavor can withstand low ohm vaping, with subtle nuances shining through depending on your wattage of choice.

G2 prides itself on steep-free products that are ready to vape as soon as they are opened.


  • G2 Vapor - Banana Pud'n (White Bull) e-Juice bottles with box packaging
    Banana Pud'n (White Bull)

    Vanilla custard blends with even more vanilla, plus a handful of creamy bananas to create a juice that smells like va...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Blackberry Cobbler (El Blacco) e-Juice bottles with box packaging
    Blackberry Cobbler (El Blacco)

    G2’s Blackberry Cobbler presents a unique blend of blackberries, smooth pipe tobacco, vanilla, and hints of oth...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Blue Raz Pop e-juice bottles with box packaging
    Blue Raz Pop

    In the same way DeShock punches you in the face with raspberry deliciousness, Blue Pop Shock takes that raspberry and...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - C&C Reserve ejuice bottle
    C&C Reserve

    The newest in the Reserve series from G2, C&C Reserve blends two of G2’s most popular flavors, Mr. Cookie a...

    $29.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Cactus Juice e-juice bottles with box packaging
    Cactus Juice

    Quench your thirst with Cactus Juice, a unique, crisp, and refreshing blend of sweet and tart citrus flavors.  O...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - caRnY4 e-Liquid bottles with box packaging

    Inspired by the classic RY4, but that’s where the similarities end.  G2 takes the RY4 concept to a new lev...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Decadent Desserts Bundle - 60ml Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood, 60ml The O.B. by Suicide Bunny, 90ml Mr. Cookie by G2 Vapor, Bundle, Value Pack, 3-Pack, Dessert, Cereal, Cinnamon, Bakery Cinnamon, Cream, Cake, Cookie, Caramel
    Decadent Desserts Bundle

    Indulge your sweet tooth with some of the bestselling dessert ejuices Giant Vapes has to offer! Start your day with t...

    $76.97 $69.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Dr. Green e-juice bottles with box packaging
    Dr. Green

    Dr. Green is a juicy, refreshing blend of kiwi, pear, and apple, expertly blended like all G2 juices.  As is the...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Drunk Monkey e-juice bottles with box packaging
    Drunk Monkey

    G2’s answer to all the banana fans, Drunk Monkey blends fresh bananas, cream, and just a touch of rum, giving y...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Mr. Cookie e-juice bottles with box packaging
    Mr. Cookie

    Most definitely worthy of all-day-vape consideration, Mr. Cookie tastes and smells just like fresh baked sugar cookie...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Mr. Oh’Cookie Face e-juice bottles with box packaging
    Mr. Oh’Cookie Face

    Sometimes no matter how great and powerful the individuals are, when they join forces, the whole is greater than the ...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Mrs. Strawberry (Mrs. Berry) e-Juice bottles with box packaging
    Mrs. Strawberry (Mrs. Berry)

    The lovely bride of our favorite Frankenstein-inspired berry cereal from our childhood, Mrs. Strawberry was the resul...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Pastry Parts ejuice bottles with box packaging
    Pastry Parts

    Pastry Parts starts with a warm, flaky, soon-to-be fruit-fill pastry, and fills the void in its center with sweet, ri...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapors - Prickly Cactus Juice ejuice bottle
    Prickly Cactus Juice

    Cactus Juice is one of G2 Vapor’s all-time best sellers.  Prickly Cactus Juice starts with that old favori...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Purple Nurple e-Liquid bottles with box packaging
    Purple Nurple

    Much more fun than its painful namesake, Purple Nurple delivers a delicious grape candy flavor.  Some say that c...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Rabbix e-Juice plastic bottle

    Silly Rabbit!  Rabbix is for vapers!  Rabbix ejuice can only be described as an exact replica of that famou...

    $22.00 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Sir Lollipop eliquid plastic bottle
    Sir Lollipop

    A delicious blend of the two greatest lollipops ever created, blue raz and grape.   Primary Flavors:  Blu...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Smarty Pants eliquid plastic bottle
    Smarty Pants

    A sweet and tart candy throwback.   Primary Flavors:  Sweet, Tart, Candy   PG/VG Ratio:  20% ...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapors - Treasure Trove ejuice bottle
    Treasure Trove

    Chocolate, coffee, and tobacco are three of the most polarizing, difficult to work with flavors in all of vaping. &nb...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • G2 Vapor - Tropical Melon (Gilligan) e-Juice bottles with box packaging
    Tropical Melon (Gilligan)

    Lay down in the white sand, surrounded by tropical fruit trees, and soak up the sun.  This island concoction ble...

    $25.99 Choose Options