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Friend or Faux



Some say you can measure the mettle of a man by the quality of the fabric of his suspenders.  Others say you can learn everything you need to know about someone by the way they treat their horse.  The great minds behind Friend or Faux, Dr. Hood and Professor Denny, say you can judge a person’s worth based on their choice in e-juice.

Now many believe e-juice is some newfangled contraption, but Dr. Hood and Professor Denny founded Friend or Faux back before Arizona was even Arizona, in 1884, selling their wares from the back of their wagon from forest to plains, and desert to tundra.  The good Doctor and Professor aren’t some run of the mill snake oil salesmen, though.  They make no claims of curatives and miracle medicines, but they do know one thing:  Flavor.

We reckon you’ll have an easier time tracking down a Sasquatch in the Cascades than finding any concoctions more delicious than these here e-liquids.  Unfortunately, Sasquatch is probably easier to find than the good Doctor and Professor’s traveling wagon these days.  Good news for you, though.  Thanks to these here fancy interwebs, you can get your Friend or Faux fix, and get it shipped right to your front door.  Please tip your Pony Express carrier.