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Fluffy E-Liquid



Created by California-based long-time vaper Taylor Thompson, Fluffy was a labor of love inspired by her years working in the vape industry and her love of unicorns.

Wanting to create something unique to the e-liquid world that profiled a strong women, Taylor began developing Fluffy in early 2016.  Over the course of three months that included countless revisions and a happy accident, Fluffy was born:  A unique combination of savory cereal and sweet dessert notes that takes cereal vapes to new heights.
  • Fluffy E-Liquid - Fluffy ejuice bottle

    Savory breakfast and sweet dessert combine into one delicious, fluffy, explosion of flavor.  Fluffy blends the f...

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  • Fluffy E-Liquid - Fluffy Crunch ejuice bottle
    Fluffy Crunch

    The fantastic, flavorful, fabulous Fluffy of which you’ve grown so freaking fond… But with a twist! &nbs...

    $27.99 Choose Options