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Fairy Dust Elixir

A touch, just a touch, not too little, not too much

To sparkle your imagination, to open your eyes to the occasion

Sprinkle it on what you believe, that can only be seen in everlasting dreams

The fairies’ brew is most secret indeed.  They do their mixing in secret groves at dusk.  We only know the result: a deliciously fruity, sweet delicacy.  Fresh, sweet strawberries blended with a splash of apple, and a hint of pear, combine with a magical creaminess that will make you drool.


Primary Flavors:  Strawberry, Pear, Apple, Cream


PG/VG Ratio:  30% PG / 70% VG


Bottle Sizes:  60ml

Bottle Type:  Plastic Dripper Bottle with Child-Resistant Cap

Mad Alchemist
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