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Exodus Vapor



Founded in Texas by husband and wife team Steve and Katie Giles, Exodus Vapor was started not long after Steve and Katie started vaping in March of 2011, and soon after became free of the slavery of tobacco.  This is why they chose the name “Exodus”, also the name of the chapter of the Bible detailing the story of the Israelite slaves’ escape to the freedom of the Promised Land.

After breaking free from tobacco, Steve and Katie began making juice, and shortly thereafter started Exodus Vapor.  Their main goal was to create a high-quality line of unique e-liquids that is a premium experience for the customer in every aspect.

Their e-liquids are crafted using techniques typically reserved for fine whiskeys, utilizing sour mash batches to maintain consistency.  The juices are then filtered in multiple stages, and steeped for a minimum of 6 weeks using a proprietary aging process to ensure the customer experiences the e-juices as they were meant to be experienced, fresh out of the mail.


  • Exodus Vapor - Beta Hotness e-Liquid bottle
    Beta Hotness

    Originally sent out to testers with the name “Beta Hotness”, it was so well received and took off so quic...

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  • Exodus Vapor - Blue Desert e-Liquid bottle
    Blue Desert

    What do you get when you take a rich, creamy cheesecake, top it with sweet, juicy blueberries (plus a few secret ingr...

    $29.99 Choose Options
  • Exodus Vapor - Orange Manna e-Juice bottle
    Orange Manna

    Orange Manna combines a uniquely sweet and tangy orange cake with a perfect balance of rich, creamy vanilla, and a bo...

    $29.99 Choose Options
  • Exodus Vapor - Pitted e-Liquid bottle

    Fear not the cherry, for Exodus has successfully created a cherry pie e-liquid that does NOT taste like cough syrup! ...

    $29.99 Choose Options
  • Exodus Vapor - Sour Summer e-Liquid bottle
    Sour Summer

    A perfectly refreshing sweet and tangy lemonade blends with just a touch of strawberry, and notes of other mixed frui...

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