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Epic Juice

Epic Juice Eliquids


Founded as a grassroots extension of the massive vape movement in California over the last couple years, Epic Juice saw a need in the vaping community for high quality, clean, consistent premium e-liquids that are created by a company willing to invest in setting the bar for regulation and manufacturing standards.  

Epic Juice utilizes the most state of the art technology available for cleanliness and purity in their e-juice mixing environment, including a laminar flow HEPA system, particle-free tiles, antimicrobial wall treatments, and top grade, all stainless steel work stations.  The area where the juice is bottled is a secondary isolation environment that utilizes an additional layer of protection from potential airborne contaminants.

And to top it off, Epic Juice has some of the most popular, and delectable e-liquids available on the market today, all of which are enjoyed by new vapers and experienced vapers alike.


  • Epic Juice - Airheadz e-Juice plastic bottle

    Epic Juice’s original e-liquid blend, Airheadz is a complex blend of candy fruit flavors that come together per...

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  • Epic Juice - Airheadz Minted e-Juice plastic bottle
    Airheadz Minted

    ***LIMITED TIME ONLY***  Available only for a short time comes the popular Airheadz from Epic Juice, but with a ...

    $18.00 Choose Options
  • Epic Juice - Apple Jax e-Liquid plastic bottle
    Apple Jax

    Remember your favorite cereal from your childhood?  Well, here it is in e-juice form!  Apple Jax combines a...

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  • Epic Juice - Banilla e-Liquid plastic bottle

    Attention banana vape fans!  Banilla is a perfect blend of sweet banana and mouthwatering vanilla pastry.  ...

    $18.00 Choose Options
  • Epic Juice - Kirby’s Milk e-Liquid plastic bottle
    Kirby’s Milk

    Your favorite sweet, creamy strawberry wafer cookie dunked in a glass of cold milk.   Primary Flavors:  S...

    $18.00 Choose Options
  • Epic Juice - Main Squeeze e-Juice plastic bottle
    Main Squeeze

    The pinnacle of e-liquid refreshment!  Main Squeeze blends sweet lemon candy with a cool inhale that will chill ...

    $18.00 Choose Options
  • Epic Juice - Wake 'N' Vape e-Juice plastic bottle
    Wake ‘N’ Vape

    Smooth, creamy, and delicious, Wake ‘N’ Vape is a perfect e-juice for that morning pick-me-up, with it&rs...

    $18.00 Choose Options
  • Epic Juice - Yosi e-Liquid plastic bottle

    Epic Juice’s take on the classic RY4-style e-liquid, Yosi is a perfectly balanced mix of vanilla, caramel, and ...

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