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East Coast Liquids



Founded by South Carolina-based father-son duo John and Kevin, East Coast Liquids was created by two of the most charitable, dedicated individuals in the vape industry, with the help of their team.

Inspired by their family’s vape journey, which included Kevin losing his right lung to cancer, East Coast Liquids was created in 2015 to fill gaps they found in the premium e-liquid market.  As the gentlemen behind the popular Planet Vapor vape shops, John and Kevin found that there were a number of unique flavor profiles that had either not been created or not been created well.

In addition, not only is East Coast Liquids veteran-owned, but they also operate the east coast branch of Vape a Vet, with a portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold of East Coast Liquids going to support the Vape a Vet project.


  • East Coast Liquids - Earl ejuice bottle with box

    A delightful Earl Grey Tea, infused with cream and notes of honeysuckle.  A truly unique, sophisticated, and del...

    $29.99 Choose Options
  • East Coast Liquids - Mellow Martian ejuice bottle with box
    Mellow Martian

    Toasted marshmallows, sweet, ripe strawberries, and creamy bananas collided at lightspeed to create an e-liquid that&...

    $29.99 Choose Options
  • East Coast Liquids - Raspberry Crush ejuice bottle with box
    Raspberry Crush

    A sweet, tangy raspberry mix, created by blending a variety of sweetened raspberry flavors in perfect balance.  ...

    $29.99 Choose Options
  • East Coast Liquids - Southern Sunshine ejuice bottle with box
    Southern Sunshine

    A refreshing summertime treat, Southern Sunshine is a perfect e-liquid representation of sun-brewed sweet tea with a ...

    $29.99 Choose Options