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Doughboys Vaped Goods



Florida-based Doughboys Vaped Goods was founded by Eric Choma, Anthony Ascenzia, and Sarah Fairman, wife of Aisle 7 creator Keith Fairman.

Inspired by the delicious donuts and baked goods from our favorite bakeries and donut shops, Doughboys Vaped Goods wanted to create high quality, premium, delicious spot-on replicas of these tasty, doughy treats, at a very affordable price.  With the assistance of Keith, Doughboys was able to translate their idea into a reality, with two incredibly accurate donut flavors.

Complete with bakery shop baggy, each bottle of Doughboys Vaped Goods ejuice uses the highest quality, USA-made ingredients and flavors available on the market today.


  • Doughboys Vaped Goods - Bloobies e-Juice white label bottle

    A delicious, fresh-baked, blueberry-filled, cake donut, finished off with a light, sugary glaze.  You’ll s...

    $26.00 Choose Options
  • Doughboys Vaped Goods - Donut Give Up e-Juice white label bottle
    Donut Give Up

    Freshly baked cake doughnut with a warm, gooey salted caramel glaze.   Primary Flavors:  Salted Caramel, ...

    $26.00 Choose Options
  • Doughboys Vaped Goods - Glazed-N-Confused e-Juice white label bottle

    You’ll want a fresh cup of coffee to go alongside this eliquid.  Glazed-N-Confused is a dead-on replica of...

    $26.00 Choose Options
  • Doughboys Vaped Goods - Use Your Coconut e-Juice white label bottle
    Use Your Coconut

    Just like the coconut doughnuts from your favorite coffee shop, Use Your Coconut covers a warm donut in a sweet, subt...

    $26.00 Choose Options