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Cyclops Vapor



There is no better representation of the approach this e-juice team takes to their craft than the mythical Cyclops, the one-eyed giant who forged Zeus’ weapon on Olympus.  He symbolizes all they stand for: Passion, skill, strength, craftsmanship.

Rather than pump out a huge variety of e-liquid flavors, Cyclops takes months to develop each flavor, balancing ingredients, testing flavor notes, testing with the full spectrum of available devices on the market, and ensuring that each juice is absolutely perfect before it is released.

In Greek mythology, there is a finite number of gods.  Each being unique, and integral to the success of the pantheon.  Cyclops’ e-liquids are treated the same way, with each representing a key piece of the e-juice pantheon, each perfect in their own way, and each painstakingly perfected using only the highest quality ingredients available.


  • Cyclops Vapor - Artimis e-Juice bottle

    This berry cobbler e-liquid will pierce your taste buds like an arrow from the mighty bow of Artemis herself.  A...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Athena e-Liquid bottle

    Combining a perfect balance of sweet and tangy apple, Athena is true to its namesake, a goddess of both crafts and wa...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Cerberus e-Liquid bottle

    Ever the loyal watchdog of Hades, Cerberus attacks your taste buds with mouth-watering, creamy mint, layered with sub...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Colossus e-Juice bottle

    Smooth and sweet, Colossus blends a secret concoction of subtle flavors to create a deliciously accurate vanilla cust...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Eros e-Liquid bottle

    Akin to the popular “Sex on the Beach” beverage, inspired by Eros, the god of lust and desire, Eros exper...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Gryphon e-Liquid bottle

    The Gryphon is the king of beasts - a powerful and majestic creature.  He was the only fitting namesake for the ...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Hades e-Liquid bottle

    Experience warmth once reserved for those residing in the fires of the underworld.  Mellow roasted coffee beans ...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Minotaur e-Liquid bottle

    A fresh-baked peanut butter cookie, coated in a light drizzle of sweet, gooey caramel.   Primary Flavors: &nbs...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Phoenix e-Liquid bottle

    Simple and delicious.  Fresh, clean, crisp strawberry.   Primary Flavors:  Strawberry   PG/VG...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Poseidon e-Liquid bottle

    Poseidon combines elements of the worlds most crisp, succulent melons and other fresh fruits.  His bold flavors ...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Siren e-Liquid bottle
    Siren by Cyclops

    The Siren has lured many a sailor with her sweet, seductive song.  Her eliquid, a mouth-watering, freshly baked,...

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