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Cult Classic Liquids



The year was 2016, the zombie vapocalypse had come, ravaging the vaping industry with mindless, flavorless liquids and pushing humanity to the brink of boredom.

Who will save us from this terrible fate?

Then he arrived... Tallahassee!

Cult Classic Liquids was developed by industry veterans, Alex Moody, David Lagor and Kyle Ezzio to breathe new life into the vaping industry.   Their love of cult classic movies and the iconic foods portrayed in those films paved the way for a new standard in eliquid innovation!

Are you ready to join the Tallahassee flavor revolution?


  • Cult Classic Liquids - Tallahassee eliquid bottle

    “Even though we knew life would never be simple or innocent again, as he savored that spongy, yellow log of cre...

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