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Cloud Stout Vape




Los Angeles based Cloud Stout Vape founder Ray “Thumper” Parker needed something to switch from cigarettes fast with his unborn child on the way.  Not only that but his health was beginning to suffer from years of smoking.  With the help of his local vape shop, he was able to switch over completely, and thus began his journey into the vape world.

He started making eliquid shortly after he started vaping, not as a DIY’er like so many eliquid makers, but as an employee of a large eliquid manufacturer.  After leaving the company, Thumper decided to make his own line, with a theme inspired by not only his love for craft beer, but the very definition of stout:  Strong, sturdy, unbreakable.  Terms Thumper uses to describe his own perseverance through many trials and tribulations in his life.

With Cloud Stout Vape, Thumper has poured his heart and soul into tiny ejuice bottles in an effort to give back to the very community that has supported him to this point.  With a range of unique flavors for any palate, and a product made with love so strong you can taste it, Cloud Stout Vapor is sure to please even the most discerning vaper.


  • Cloud Stout Vape - The Carter e-Juice bottle
    The Carter

    A perfectly crafted, mouthwatering dessert eliquid, The Carter blends decadent tiramisu undertones with mocha cake an...

    $22.00 Out of stock
  • Cloud Stout Vape - V.S.O.P. e-Liquid bottle

    A silky smooth banana cream graham cracker cookie ejuice, V.S.O.P. blends sweet, ripe banana with silky cream, and a ...

    $22.00 Choose Options