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Welcome to the Giant Vapes Clearance Section, home of heavily discounted products at prices up to 50% off!

The Clearance section contains a wide variety of products including eliquids, vape gear, and hardware. Clearance items may be products discontinued by Giant Vapes, older versions of products that have been updated, holiday flavors from previous holidays, brands that have gone out of business, etc.  While the products may vary widely, one thing remains the same:  They are all priced to sell!

Please note:  While Clearance items are still eligible for free domestic shipping, they ARE NOT eligible for returns or exchanges.


  • Boba Vapors - Almond ejuice bottle with box

    Boba tea infused with creamy almond milk and a splash of sweet honey.   Primary Flavors:  Almond, Boba, M...

    $21.99 $15.40 Choose Options
  • Drip Vault - Baked Eliquid bottle with chocolate chip cookies

    Imagine a freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookie shrunk down into an eliquid bottle.  That’s Baked. &n...

    $12.60 Choose Options
  • Exodus Vapor - Beta Hotness e-Liquid bottle
    Beta Hotness

    Originally sent out to testers with the name “Beta Hotness”, it was so well received and took off so quic...

    $29.99 $21.00 Choose Options
  • The Steam Factory - Blewbacco eliquid bottle

    Blueberry.  Tobacco.  Wizardry.   Primary Flavors:  Blueberry, Tobacco   PG/VG Ratio: &n...

    $25.99 $18.20 Choose Options
  • Exodus Vapor - Blue Desert e-Liquid bottle
    Blue Desert

    What do you get when you take a rich, creamy cheesecake, top it with sweet, juicy blueberries (plus a few secret ingr...

    $29.99 $21.00 Choose Options
  • Charlie's Chalkdust - CCD3 ejuice bottle with box

    A decadent, savory salted caramel drizzle coats a smooth, creamy, sweet vanilla ice cream.   Primary Flavors: ...

    $21.95 $11.00 Choose Options
  • RnR White (Formerly Smax) - Coco Pop ejuice bottle
    Coco Pop

    A convenient, and far less messy alternative to campfire s’mores, Coco Pop squishes ooey-gooey chocolatey goodn...

    $15.40 Choose Options
  • RnR White (Formerly Smax) - Creamy P ejuice bottle
    Creamy P

    RnR’s take on the classic peaches and cream, Creamy P! perfectly balances sweet, fresh-sliced peaches with rich...

    $15.40 Choose Options
  • Friend or Faux - Dr. Hood’s Toffee Delight ejuice bottle
    Dr. Hood’s Toffee Delight

    Do we have a toffee, you ask?  Lad, we trained our whole lives to face that very question.  The multi-facet...

    $25.99 $18.20 Choose Options
  • Fluffy E-Liquid - Fluffy Crunch ejuice bottle
    Fluffy Crunch

    The fantastic, flavorful, fabulous Fluffy of which you’ve grown so freaking fond… But with a twist! &nbs...

    $27.99 $19.60 Choose Options
  • Drip Vault - Fru-Tea eliquid bottle

    Fru-Tea is a blueberry/raspberry green tea, brewed to perfection. Fru-Tea is an e-liquid you’ll want to sit bac...

    $12.60 Choose Options
  • Charlie's Chalk Dust - Head Bangin' Boogie e-Juice bottle
    Head Bangin’ Boogie

    Head Bangin’ Boogie will have you throwing up your metal horns with it’s tropical, blueberry popsicle fla...

    $11.00 Choose Options
  • Jam Cake - Jam Cake ejuice bottle
    Jam Cake

    Delicious yellow cake filled with alternating layers of strawberry and blueberry jam.   Primary Flavors:  ...

    $24.99 $17.50 Choose Options
  • Cuttwood - Livid Lime ejuice bottle
    Livid Lime

    Livid Lime is the second flavor of Cuttwood’s “Reimagined Series”.  It is complex in compositi...

    $29.99 $21.00 Choose Options
  • RnR White (Formerly Smax) - LLCP ejuice bottle

    Just like your favorite coffee shop’s icing-covered cake-pops, LLCP is a little ball of lemon-lime cake-y goodn...

    $15.40 Choose Options
  • Boba Vapors - Lychee ejuice bottle with box

    Another spot-on eliquid replica of the real thing, Lychee blends sweet, juicy lychee fruit with a traditional boba mi...

    $21.99 $15.40 Choose Options
  • Cuttwood - Manic Mint ejuice bottle
    Manic Mint

    Manic Mint is the first flavor of Cuttwood’s “Reimagined Series”.  It is complex in compositio...

    $29.99 $21.00 Choose Options
  • NOTE’D E-liquid - NOTE’D I:  The Sacred Heart ejuice bottle
    NOTE’D I: The Sacred Heart

    It’s not a donut, cake, or pie. NOTE’D I is a lemon pastry experience with a powdered sugar finish. &nbs...

    $25.99 $14.00 Choose Options
  • NOTE’D E-liquid - NOTE’D II:  The Blue Bird ejuice bottle
    NOTE’D II: The Blue Bird

    Inspired by a Russian drink, NOTE’D II is a combination of honey, butter, cream, and a hint of something specia...

    $25.99 $14.00 Out of stock
  • Exodus Vapor - Orange Manna e-Juice bottle
    Orange Manna

    Orange Manna combines a uniquely sweet and tangy orange cake with a perfect balance of rich, creamy vanilla, and a bo...

    $29.99 $21.00 Choose Options