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Charlie's Chalk Dust



Many moons ago, the Buddha approached a hot dog monger on the street.

“Make me one with everything.”, said Buddha.

Little did he know, the hot dog stand proprietor had given him a gift in this mystical hot dog… a wondrous, sacred, ancient recipe.  One that had been handed down through countless generations of fathers and sons… eventually ending up in the hands of a man folk artists call Cosmic Charlie.

Cosmic Charlie was a special man, and not of this Earth.  A Star child and master of space and time itself, Cosmic Charlie, serendipitously discovered that by combining the sacred hot dog proprietor’s recipe with rare, supernova-born matter, he was able to create delicious e-liquids:  Slam Berry, Peanut Butter & Jesus, Banana Brûlée, Dream Cream, Orange Bl’awesome, Head Bangin’ Boogie, and Trueberry Sugar & Knife. These transcendent potions are now referred to by the people of Cosmic Charlie’s home world as “Chalk Dust”.  At least, that’s the closest English translation we could decipher.


  • Charlie's Chalkdust - CCD3 ejuice bottle with box

    A decadent, savory salted caramel drizzle coats a smooth, creamy, sweet vanilla ice cream.   Primary Flavors: ...

    $21.95 Choose Options
  • Charlie's Chalk Dust - Head Bangin' Boogie e-Juice bottle
    Head Bangin’ Boogie

    Head Bangin’ Boogie will have you throwing up your metal horns with it’s tropical, blueberry popsicle fla...

    $22.00 Choose Options
  • Charlie's Chalk Dust - Peanut Butter & Jesus e-Juice bottle
    Peanut Butter & Jesus

    Prepare yourself for an esoteric, borderline-spiritual experience.  Peanut Butter & Jesus will provide just ...

    $22.00 Choose Options
  • Charlie's Chalk Dust - Slam Berry e-Liquid bottle
    Slam Berry

    Fresh, ripe, sweet strawberries are just the beginning, in this creamy strawberry ice cream blend.   Primary F...

    $22.00 Choose Options
  • Charlie's Chalk Dust - Trueberry Sugar & Knife e-Juice bottle
    Trueberry Sugar & Knife

    A most unique ejuice flavor blend, Trueberry Sugar & Knife takes a pineapple upside down pancake, and drizzles it...

    $22.00 Choose Options
  • Charlie's Chalk Dust - Wonder Worm e-Liquid bottle
    Wonder Worm

    Crystallized gummy worm candy, laced with powdered sweet tarts.   Primary Flavors:  Gummy Candy, Sweet Ta...

    $22.00 Choose Options