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Bumble Bee Vapor



Bumble Bee Vapor came from very humble beginnings, founded as a means for the creators to provide themselves with stellar, gourmet e-liquids that they loved to vape all day, every day.  That love, passion, and believe in their product came to be shared by man, and combined with their commitment to superior customer service and care, helped Bumble Bee quickly spread throughout the country.

Military veteran owned, Bumble Bee Vapor is an e-juice company based out of the Washington D.C. Metro area that specializes in layered, gourmet flavors.  Vapers themselves, they have felt the effects of cancer and heart disease around them, making them huge vaping advocates.  They are committed to changing the world by offering a delicious alternative.  Their e-juices are made in a certified, pharmaceutical-grade lab, ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety.

Furthermore, both founders are recreational chefs, with a love for food and all things culinary.  They both have backgrounds in fine dining, brewing, and catering.  You’ll find that experience in all of their flavors, as they create quality, unique flavor combinations with realistic, natural tastes, further perfected by their unique mixing and testing process.

To Bumble Bee Vapor, e-liquid mixing is an artform.  Each flavor is their creative, artistic pursuits in a bottle. They believe in what they do and are committed to changing the world one life at a time.