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Based out of Costa Mesa, California, Greg and Alena created Buckshot in early 2013 with one goal in mind: To create a delicious way to a cleaner lifestyle.

Long time vapers, Greg and Alena started vaping in 2012, and began creating their own e-liquids shortly thereafter.  They grew tired of the juices available on the market, and started by creating e-liquids for themselves.  They wanted something better.  Something truly premium.  And thus, Buckshot was born.

Focused on fruit and candy flavors, Buckshot provides truly premium, high-quality e-liquids, that are all designed to be all-day-vape worthy.


  • Buckshot - .357 e-Juice bottle

    Buckshot has thrown its hat into the menthol e-juice game with this refreshing, fruity blend of strawberry, watermelo...

    $27.99 Choose Options
  • Buckshot - Cherry Bomb e-Liquid bottle
    Cherry Bomb

    Light the fuse and pop it in your mouth.  This little guy is packed with explosive cherry flavor.   Prima...

    $27.99 Choose Options
  • Buckshot - Hard Candy e-Juice bottle
    Hard Candy

    Hard Candy by Buckshot tastes just like your favorite sugary, tart candy treat, minus the cavities.   Primary ...

    $27.99 Choose Options