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Buckingham E-Liquid

Buckingham Eliquids


It started with a nightmare. A sinister black spot appeared, growing and pulsing in his chest, feeding on him, then burst into tentacles that wrapped around his throat and threatened to suffocate him. Christian Buckingham awoke suddenly, gasping for air, turned to his wife, and told her he was ready to kick his 30-year smoking habit.

The very next day, Christian reached out to his close friend Brian from Mob Liquid, and picked up a brand new vape kit. Anyone who knows him will tell you that Christian never does anything halfway, and he committed fully to e-cigarettes almost immediately, digging into studies and research and connecting with industry experts to find out what was real, and what was negative publicity based on rumors and bad science. The two-time Ink Master finalist, widely known even among casual fans for his signature tribal facial tattoos, realized that his unique position as an trendsetter in the smoker-heavy tattoo industry meant he could advocate and educate alongside leaders in the vape industry to help his fellow artists and fans transition to e-cigarettes. His passion for world travel and connecting with his fans has expanded to a commitment to advocating for the vape industry all over the country.

In partnership with Alex and Brian Mazzola of Mob Liquid Labs and Illpluminati, Christian set out to create a line that packed huge flavor and featured his own, original artwork on the labels. Buckingham E-Liquid was designed by and for individuals who, like Christian, embrace individualism and are committed to quit cigarettes, and to share the flavors that helped Christian leave cigarettes in the dust.

  • Buckingham E-Liquid - Carnivore ejuice bottle

    Satisfy your inner predator with this fierce blend of ripe peaches and tropical mangoes. Approved by Buckingham to ta...

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  • Buckingham E-Liquid - Kiss of Death ejuice bottle
    Kiss of Death

    This perfectly balanced e-liquid mixes strawberries and nectarines to resurrect your tastebuds, even if you’ve ...

    $20.99 Choose Options
  • Buckingham E-Liquid - Madame Butterfly ejuice bottle
    Madame Butterfly

    Madame Butterfly is not as sweet as she might appear; you’ll capture the essence of tart candy in this bottle, ...

    $20.99 Choose Options
  • Buckingham E-Liquid - Snake Bite by Buckingham ejuice bottle
    Snake Bite by Buckingham

    This dessert-inspired e-liquid will slither back to bite you, with full flavor from first inhale to final puff. Smoot...

    $20.99 Choose Options