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Founded in Phoenix, Arizona by mix master Will Cohen in late 2013, BRV was created with very different ideas in mind than the typical e-liquid company.  It was created to not only provide the world with unique, delicious e-liquids, but also to fund the Vape a Vet project, and provide a stable, reliable product to include with the starter kits donated as part of the Vape a Vet project.  

Will, a vaping veteran of over 4 years, founded the Vape a Vet project in the summer of 2013, a fully determined 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides starter kits and e-juice to our nation’s heroes. MREs (Meal Ready to Eat) distributed during the Vietnam and Korean Wars included cigarettes for the soldiers.  In today’s age, BRV (Bottle Ready to Vape) and the Vape a Vet project want to include an alternative in their MREs:  Some BRV e-liquid and a starter kit.  

BRV’s flavors cover a wide range of taste and styles suitable for tanks, drippers, new vapers, and old pros. Every vaper will find something they like in the BRV line-up, and feel good knowing they are contributing to an amazing cause in the process.

100% of BRV’s profits are donated directly back into Vape a Vet.


  • BRV - Air Pear eliquid bottle
    Air Pear

    Like a crisp, juicy pear getting air-dropped on your taste buds, Air Pear will replenish your reserves.   Prim...

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  • BRV - Anchors Aweigh e-juice bottle
    Anchors Aweigh

    Prepare for a long journey with this delicious blend of exotic fruits that will never tire the taste buds.   P...

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  • BRV - Care Package e-liquid bottle
    Care Package

    Like a tropical fruit smoothie, Care Package mixes a blend of tropical fruits with a light, creamy base that will tan...

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  • BRV - Care Package Reloaded e-liquid bottle
    Care Package Reloaded

    A new take on the best-selling Care Package from BRV, Care Package Reloaded is a new, improved version of the creamy,...

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  • BRV - Chesty’s Punch e-liquid bottle
    Chesty’s Punch

    Sweet, tangy, delicious fruit punch, that’s best served on a warm summer day in a small paper cup.   Pri...

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  • BRV - Colonel’s Custard e-juice bottle
    Colonel’s Custard

    Sweet vanilla custard, blend with a drizzle of delicious caramel for a custard vaping experience that you’ll en...

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  • BRV - Colonel’s Custard Max VG e-juice bottle
    Colonel’s Custard Max VG

    The same sweet, caramel-infused, vanilla custard blend you know and love, but this version is Max VG for your drippin...

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  • BRV - D.O.G. e-juice bottle

    A creamy, milky, berry breakfast blend, with a hint of savory cereal goodness. Chow Down!   Primary Flavors: &...

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  • BRV - Force Recon e-liquid bottle
    Force Recon

    A handful of juicy blueberries, a splash of pomegranate juice, and just a touch of mixed tropical fruits combine toge...

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  • BRV - Green Beret e-liquid bottle
    Green Beret

    A sweet, slightly tart blend of creamy vanilla custard and juicy plum.   Primary Flavors:  Plum, Vanilla ...

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  • BRV - Miliberry e-juice bottle

    Open your mouth and prepare for the onslaught, as a squadron of berries assault your taste buds.   Primary Fla...

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  • BRV - PJ e-juice bottle

    A blend of tropical fruits and sweet, juicy peaches that drop from the sky to rescue your taste buds.   Primar...

    $23.99 Out of stock
  • BRV - Pogey Bait eliquid bottle
    Pogey Bait

    A delicious, semi-sweet chocolate blend that is strong, but not overpowering.   Primary Flavors:  Chocola...

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  • BRV - Pogey Bait Minted ejuice bottle
    Pogey Bait Minted

    BRV’s chocolate Pogey Bait flavor with a touch of mint.  It will remind you of mint chocolate chip ice cre...

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  • BRV - Rendova e-liquid bottle

    A curious, unique blend of natural coconut and a touch of menthol.  Cool and refreshing any time of year.  ...

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  • BRV - Seal Team e-juice bottle
    Seal Team

    Seal Team blends two of BRV’s most popular e-juices, Shore Leave and Air Pear together in Max VG form, creating...

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  • BRV - Shore Leave e-juice bottle
    Shore Leave

    Shore Leave is a complex cocktail of many fruits, that meld together perfectly in a well balanced sweet and tart blen...

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