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Boosted Ejuice



Cory Vigil of Denver, Colorado, founder of Boosted, truly lives the “Boosted” lifestyle.  As the name of his juice company implies, his main hobby outside of vaping is custom cars, car show, drag racing, and of course, boosting.

He started vaping way back before it was cool, circa 2008.  He even opened an e-commerce site selling lower-end e-cigarette hardware at one point, but it failed due to what he says was a lack of industry knowledge.  So, it went back to being a hobby as he returned to working for “the man”.  

After a few more years of this, Cory decided to give e-juice making a whirl in late 2013/early 2014, utilizing his culinary background to create flavors that were delicious, and not just hype.  After feeling like he perfected a couple flavors, Cory send out e-liquid samples to a few close friends, and they all gave the same response.  “Wow!”  After a few free raffles and a few sales, suddenly Cory woke up one morning to 500 friend requests and a Boosted fan page on Facebook.  Since then it’s been non-stop e-juice mixing, trying to keep up with the sudden explosion in demand.

Giant Vapes is proud to bring Boosted e-liquids to an even broader audience, and share Cory’s passion with the world.  Stay Boosted.


  • Boosted - Anti-Lag e-juice bottle

    Like a fruit salad covered in whipped cream, Anti-Lag combines a blend of watermelon, blueberries, and strawberries w...

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  • Boosted/Pinup Collaboration - Betty Boo ejuice bottle with award stamp
    Betty Boo

    A collaboration by two of Giant Vapes’ best selling e-liquid makers, Betty Boo is a perfectly balanced concocti...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Boosted Ejuice - Boostday Cake eliquid bottle
    Boostday Cake

    Boosted’s take on a delicious birthday treat, Boostday Cake blends sweet, yellow birthday cake with smooth vani...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Boosted - Boosted e-juice bottle

    Imagine stepping into a 1950’s-style diner and ordering yourself a strawberry milkshake.  That’s the...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Boosted Bestsellers Bundle - Boosted, Anti-Lag, Wastegate, Bundle, Value Pack, 3-Pack, Fruit, Dessert, Beverage, Strawberry, Blueberry, Watermelon, Cheesecake, Raspberry, Milkshake, Ice Cream, Mixed Fruit
    Boosted Bestsellers Bundle

    This three-pack of Boosted bestsellers is your ticket to the race - the race for amazing flavor, that is. Featuring t...

    $77.97 $69.99 Choose Options
  • Boosted Ejuice - Boosted Breakfast eliquid bottle
    Boosted Breakfast

    A breakfast spin on the fan favorite OG Boosted flavor, Boosted Breakfast blends sweet, creamy milk and yummy, fruit ...

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  • Boosted - BOV ejuice bottle

    BOV from Boosted expertly balances a medley of 9 tropical fruits including peach, citrus, and coconut, with a myriad ...

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  • Boosted Ejuice - Chata eliquid bottle

    Inspired by the famous Latin American beverage, the horchata, Chata blends sweet, creamy rice milk with notes of vani...

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  • Boosted Ejuice - Chocolate Covered Boosted eliquid bottle
    Chocolate Covered Boosted

    Boosted’s original flavor, Boosted, is one of the best selling e-liquids in Giant Vapes history.  We didn&...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Boosted - Intercooler eliquid bottle

    Intercooler is as refreshing to your palate as an air-to-liquid cooler is to your forced induction engine.  This...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Boosted/THRST Collaboration - Turbo Roar ejuice bottle with award stamp
    Turbo Roar

    A collaboration between THRST and Boosted, Turbo Roar was created to bring something unique to the e-liquid game that...

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  • Boosted - Wastegate ejuice bottle

    Your turbocharger needs a Wastegate to perform properly, and so does your atomizer.  Wastegate blends creamy che...

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