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Blazz! Eliquid



Blazz! Eliquid started out in late 2015 as the brainchild of Joel Illouz and Dan Fortier, who met while living in New Haven, CT in 2007. They immediately hit it off. Joel, who now owns a number of vape shops in New England, and Dan, their expert Mixologist who has been handcrafting e-juice for the last 4 years, wanted to create a line that delivered great tasting, high quality e-liquid with the best ingredients and least amount of sweetener possible.

Out of this partnership the magical elixir that is Blazz! Eliquid was born, a line inspired by Joel and Dan’s love for blue raspberry, but desire for one that wasn’t overpowered by sweetener.


  • Blazz! Eliquid - Blazz! Berry ejuice bottle with blue slushie and strawberries
    Blazz! Berry

    Delightfully sweet & sour blue raspberry slush drink with a hint of ripe strawberry.   Primary Flavors: &n...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Blazz! Eliquid - Blazz! Mango ejuice bottle with blue slushie, mango, and sour punch straws
    Blazz! Mango

    Ripe, tropical mangos straight from the rain forest mixed with a punch of sour blue raspberry.   Primary Flavo...

    $24.99 Choose Options
  • Blazz! Eliquid - Blazz! Melon ejuice bottle with blue slushie and watermelon sour patch kids
    Blazz! Melon

    A tantalizingly tart blast of blue raspberry with a refreshing watermelon candy exhale.   Primary Flavors: &nb...

    $24.99 Choose Options