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Black Ops by BRV



From the Phoenix, Arizona-based creators of the BRV line, comes Black Ops.  BRV has many fans, but a lot of them wanted flavors in high VG either for dripping or due to PG allergy.  Thus, Black Ops was born.  

Black Ops takes the same principles that go into the BRV line, and transforms them into juice designed specifically for dripping, even combining some of the more popular flavors from the BRV line.  The bottles themselves are even dripper friends, as all flavors come in squeezable, childproof LDPE bottles.  In addition, each bottle is pre-steeped at the BRV lab for a minimum of 3 weeks to ensure that they are ready to vape straight out of the mail.  Black Ops is starting out with 3 flavors, but will eventually have 5, with each flavor representing one branch of the U.S. Military.

Just like BRV, Black Ops is a funding source for the Vape a Vet project, a fully determined 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides starter kits and e-juice to our nation’s heroes.  And just like with BRV, 100% of Black Ops’ profits are donated directly back into Vape a Vet.

Black Ops:  Advanced Combat Juice for the Advanced Dripper


  • Black Ops - D.O.G. e-juice bottle

    A creamy, milky, berry breakfast blend, with a hint of savory cereal goodness. Chow Down!   Primary Flavors: &...

    $17.76 Choose Options
  • Black Ops - Force Recon e-liquid bottle
    Force Recon

    A handful of juicy blueberries, a splash of pomegranate juice, and just a touch of mixed tropical fruits combine toge...

    $17.76 Choose Options
  • Black Ops - Green Beret e-liquid bottle
    Green Beret

    Green Beret starts with a sweet, creamy vanilla custard, then adds a natural, tangy plum to create an e-juice that ba...

    $17.76 Choose Options
  • Black Ops - PJ e-juice bottle

    A blend of tropical fruits and sweet, juicy peaches that drop from the sky to rescue your taste buds.   Primar...

    $17.76 Choose Options
  • Black Ops - Seal Team e-juice bottle
    Seal Team

    Seal Team blends two of BRV’s most popular e-juices, Shore Leave and Air Pear together in Max VG form, creating...

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