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Ben Jonson's



Founded in 2012 by Ben Cox and Sam Benaim, in sunny Orange County, California, Ben Jonson started with humble beginning as two vapers making e-liquid for their own personal consumption.

Before long, they were setting the standard for micro-brewed e-liquids, and their name became synonymous with quality, including their mission to create nothing short of exceptional e-juice.  They may be a little rough around the edges, but their combined palate and ability to craft balanced flavors that are indulging, yet refined, is second to none.  They are well known for not only remarkable flavor profiles, but e-liquids that are all worthy of all-day-vape consideration.

Every single flavor in the Ben Jonson e-liquid line has been through months of rigorous testing and reformulation, until it is deemed worthy of their discerning customers.  No frills, just quality ingredients and simply great e-juice:  That’s what Ben Jonson is all about.


  • Ben Jonson's - Cr3am eliquid bottle

    Cr3am from Ben Jonson will take you back to a simpler time of dunking cookies in a cold glass of milk, with its savor...

    $27.99 Out of stock
  • Ben Jonson's - Morning Dew e-liquid bottle
    Morning Dew

    Morning Dew starts with a citrus blend that’s tart and slightly sweet, then tucks a handful of plump blueberrie...

    $27.99 Out of stock
  • Ben Jonson's - Schooner eliquid bottle

    A warm, fluffy, lemon-infused angel food cake, coated in a layer of sweet, sticky glaze.   Primary Flavors: &n...

    $27.99 Choose Options
  • Ben Jonson's - Snickelfritz e-juice bottle

    Juicy, sweet, and succulent, Snickelfritz combines summer and tropical flavors with its unique blend of tangy kiwi, c...

    $27.99 Out of stock