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Bakery and Desserts

  • Northern Lights - $100 Apple Pie e-Juice bottle
    $100 Apple Pie

    Northern Lights Vapor Co’s most popular flavor, $100 Apple Pie will remind you of a fresh baked, homemade apple...

    $23.99 Out of stock
  • The Last Machine - A New Day ejuice bottle
    A New Day

    Honey oat cereal with marshmallow, sprinkled with sweet berries.   Primary Flavors:  Honey, Oat Cereal, M...

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  • Archetype Blends - Afternoon Delight Max VG eliquid bottle
    Afternoon Delight Max VG

    Creamy dessert, vanilla frosting, twinkling notes of caramel, butterscotch, and pecan...what’s not to love? &nb...

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  • B. Eliquids - Almond Cream Coffee ejuice bottle
    Almond Cream Coffee

    “This flavor started out as one thing and morphed into something very different and I'm quite pleased with the ...

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  • Teleos Cloud Science - Alpha ejuice bottle

    Cloud Science owes its existence to this flavor.  Alpha’s subtle glaze, and perky sweetness ride alongside...

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  • Liquid State - Apple Butter e-juice bottle
    Apple Butter

    Sweet Washington Apples slow cooked to perfection and blended with spiced cinnamon. The result? A taste that rivals y...

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  • Epic Juice - Apple Jax e-Liquid plastic bottle
    Apple Jax

    Remember your favorite cereal from your childhood?  Well, here it is in e-juice form!  Apple Jax combines a...

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  • Cyclops Vapor - Artemis e-Juice plastic bottle

    This berry cobbler e-liquid will pierce your taste buds like an arrow from the mighty bow of Artemis herself.  A...

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  • Guardian Angel Vapor Co. - Baby Cakes ejuice bottle
    Baby Cakes

    Vanilla Cake fell in love with Cheesecake.  Nine months later, Baby Cakes was born.  Imagine a cheesecake c...

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  • Cosmic Fog - Baie Crème ejuice bottle
    Baie Crème

    The second flavor in “The Lost Fog Collection” ejuice line, Baie Crème is inspired by today’...

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  • Epic Juice - Banilla e-Liquid plastic bottle

    Attention banana vape fans!  Banilla is a perfect blend of sweet banana and mouthwatering vanilla pastry.  ...

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  • 80V eLiquid - Bean Bags ejuice bottle
    Bean Bags

    A new, improved, reworked, refined, and remastered version of the best-selling flavor of the Rule 42 line, Bean Bags ...

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  • Eureka Juice - Beedys Eliquid bottle

    Everyone loves those yellow, spongy, cream-filled, flat-bottomed, imperishable, nuclear holocaust-proof logs of sweet...

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  • Nerdcore - Believe ejuice bottle

    A collaboration of interstellar talents.  Pear fruit imported from Centaurus A, baked, and sweet-glazed.  C...

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  • Big Willie's - Custard e-juice bottle
    Big Willie's Custard

    Big Willie’s take on vanilla custard.  It’s a rich, creamy custard, blended with vanilla and butters...

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  • Cloud Company - Billow e-Juice bottle

    Billow’s smooth, rich, creamy coconut flavor, dripping with gooey caramel will remind you of a caramel-coated c...

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  • Psiquid e-Liquid - Birdcage ejuice bottle

    Originally named “Agador Spartacus: I do not wear shoes, they make me fall down.”, Birdcage is a guava ja...

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  • Branded Vapors - Birthday Suit eliquid bottle with birthday cake dessert mug
    Birthday Suit

    A creamy, sweet blend so amazing… so delicious… it’ll make you want to tear your clothes off and ...

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  • Teleos - Bits eliquid bottle

    Teleos was at this one for a while.  They had the first iteration at their Vape Summit booth in 2014.  Near...

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  • Five Pawns - Black Flag Risen 60ml ejuice bottle with container and award stamp
    Black Flag Risen

    Inspired by an eccentric drink called “Cigarettes & Coffee” at a local Five Pawns watering hole. Five...

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