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B. Eliquids

B. Eliquids


Launched in the Summer of 2016, B. Eliquids was created by the man, the myth, the legend, Phil Busardo, a popular e-cigarette product reviewer and vaper since mid-2009.

According to Phil, the flavors tell the story of his vaping journey:

“1) When I first started vaping I wanted something that tasted just like my current brand of cigarette, thus TRADITIONAL TOBACCO

2) If I'm going to have a tobacco, I better have something for the menthol smokers since I was a menthol prior to my last brand as was my mother, thus MINT TOBACCO

3) After my love affair with tobaccos, I discovered flavors.  The two flavors that opened my eyes to the world of flavors were peach and watermelon, thus PEACH WATERMELON.

4) Next to fruits,  I also enjoy bakery vapes.  I wanted to do something with strawberry, but not another strawberry cream or custard.  I also wanted something that wasn't too sweet, thus STRAWBERRY PASTRY

5) A flavor that I enjoy on a regular basis is a certain yogurt and one I've been after for a long time in a liquid, thus COCONUT VANILLA YOGURT

6) The final flavor was created with my wife and mother in mind, both of which enjoy coffee vapes, thus ALMOND CREAM COFFEE”

Why did Phil create the line?  

In his words, “I started my line to do something a little different from the majority of the lines coming out. I wanted a line targeted specifically at the transitioning smoker and those vapers who still enjoy the smoking experience but now in their vape.  Something that would vape clean, be free of sweeteners, have a higher PG ratio that would allow it to 1) perform well in tanks, 2) reduce the flavor concentrations, 3) provide a satisfying "smoking like' experience and "throat hit", and 4) be excellent for the mouth to lung style of vaping.”