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Alpha Vape



Founded in  Southern California, in the summer of 2013 by e-juice connoisseur Sam Rosenberg, after many months of DIY juice-craft, Alpha Vape’s name has quickly become synonymous with high quality, well-crafted fruit flavors.

Sam first started in DIY for the same reasons as many other vapers… because he just couldn’t find any products that he truly loved.  He wanted to continue vaping, but could not settle on any flavors that truly enticed his palate.

After finding success in crafting his own, high-quality flavors, and receiving extraordinary feedback from friends and family, Alpha Vape was born.  

Featuring product names that honor friends, employees, pets, and favorite songs, Alpha Vape has rapidly become one of the most popular fruit-centric juice brands available today.  They combine bold, unusual flavor combinations, complex blends with hidden flavor notes, and extreme attention to detail to create a line of unique, sometimes curious, and always delicious flavors.


  • Alpha Vape - Heist e-juice bottle

    Heist from Alpha Vape will remind you of autumn, with it’s delectable candy apple flavor.  Crafted using a...

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  • Alpha Vape - Hoops e-liquid bottle

    Crisp, ripe cantaloupe melon blends together with smooth, rich cream to create an incredibly accurate, all-day-vape w...

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  • Alpha Vape - Manchu e-liquid bottle

    Beautiful in its simplicity, Manchu blends Alpha Vape’s favorite tropical fruits, guava and mango together in p...

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  • Alpha Vape - Miss White e-juice bottle
    Miss White

    Miss White blends a mouthwatering, sweet, and slightly tangy raspberry with the unique tropical dragon fruit to creat...

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  • Alpha Vape - Mr. Miyagi e-liquid bottle
    Mr. Miyagi

    Mr. Miyagi offers a truly unique, unusual, yet incredible experience.  On one hand you wax on with sweet, juicy ...

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  • Alpha Vape - Sweet Tooth e-juice bottle
    Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Tooth offers a departure from Alpha Vape’s famous fruit blends, with a delicious, and incredibly popular ...

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  • Alpha Vape - The Dude e-liquid bottle
    The Dude

    Alpha Vape’s The Dude blends a mixture of summer fruits together that are so perfect and refreshing, it’l...

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  • Alpha Vape - The Dude Ice e-liquid bottle
    The Dude Ice

    Alpha Vape’s long-time favorite tropical fruit medley now comes in a soothing, mentholated version for added re...

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