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Alloy Blends


Founded by Justin Time, well known in the vaping community for his mod refinishing business, Vape’n’Shine, Alloy Blends are hand-forged in the fiery depths of Virginia’s famous blacksmithing region. Originally smithed because of Justin’s inability to find e-liquid that fit his pallette, as he was tired of the same old fake fruit mixes, the Alloy Blends Electrum line was made available to the public due to the positive response he received from those who tried his delicious wares.

Available online exclusively at Giant Vapes, the Electrum line by Alloy Blends’ flavors are complex, multi-layered vapes of which your taste buds will never grow tired.


  • Alloy Blends - Blonde e-liquid bottle

    Creamy, clean, rich, and smooth, Blonde from Alloy Blends’ Electrum line is the perfect, deliciously accurate, ...

    $24.95 Choose Options
  • Alloy Blends - Fracture ejuice bottle

    Forget everything you know about peanut butter vapes.  Fracture blows them away with its creamy, true to life pe...

    $24.95 Choose Options
  • Alloy Blends - Quenched eliquid bottle

    A mouthwatering, strawberry-infused, bubblegum eliquid that’s bursting with flavor, but light enough for all-da...

    $24.95 Choose Options
  • Benchmark - Smooth e-liquid bottle

    The perfect balance of creamy, rich, and refreshing, Smooth, the first flavor in the new Benchmark line of eliquids f...

    $19.95 $14.95 Choose Options
  • Benchmark - The Doh e-juice bottle
    The Doh

    It's early.  You're on the way to work.  Time to stop at the doughnut shop drive-through.  Today you d...

    $19.95 $14.95 Choose Options
  • Alloy Blends - Vented e-juice bottle

    Vented will surprise you with its complexity.  Earthy and well-balanced, Vented is a creamy, masterfully blended...

    $24.95 Choose Options