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Aisle 7

Aisle 7 Eliquid


Hollywood Florida-based Keith Fairman, creator of Aisle 7, has been making juice for a long time, by eliquid industry standards, with over 3 years of experience under his belt as of summer 2015.

With a name inspired by the cereal aisle at his local grocery store, Keith created Aisle 7 with the intention of developing an entire boutique line of premium cereal liquids.  That changed slightly when he found out about Nora, a little girl who suffers from cystic fibrosis.  Keith decided to name one of the flavors after her, with a portion of each bottle sold going to benefit Nora, and assist with her medical expenses.

Much to the delight of Nora’s family, Aisle 7 has been a huge success, with the first two flavors receiving critical acclaim as some of the best cereal vapes in the ejuice industry.


  • Aisle 7 - Flaked e-juice bottle

    Inspired by your favorite flaky, frosted cereal, Flaked blends crunchy cereal flakes, a sweet, sugary frosting, and a...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Aisle 7 - Irish Gold e-liquid bottle with box and drip stick
    Irish Gold

    Like drinking the sweet, marshmallow-y milk after eating a bowl of your favorite charming, colorful, marshmallow cere...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Aisle 7 - Nora's Dream e-liquid bottle
    Nora's Dream

    Sweet, milky, and fruity, Nora’s Dream is a creamy, sweet blend that’s more “the milk that’s ...

    $25.99 Choose Options
  • Aisle 7 - Square Crazy e-liquid bottle
    Square Crazy

    Like drinking the sweet, cinnamon-y milk after eating a bowl of your favorite toasty, cinnamon cereal.   Prima...

    $25.99 Choose Options